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The Comedy Cellar at the International Bar

Wednesday afternoon Marcus sent me an email about a comedy show that night at the International Bar. It is just a few blocks down from us, so we decided to check it out. Our friend Michael came by and went with us. It was a small venue- meaning no seats were really safe. (The last comedy show Marcus and I went to, we were in the front row and were picked on quite a bit). We took a seat in one of the further tables, which was one of the only open spots since the show was starting soon. The lights dimmed, the host came out and started asking the audience about themselves, how they knew the people they were there with, whether they were couples or on dates or etc. He began questioning the second table back and asked where they were from. I heard “California” as the response and looked over to see who exactly was talking. He then asked if they were on a date and the guy and girl both said no quite clearly. I looked closer and thought I was crazy but it looked like one of our new friends. I leaned to Marcus and told him I was pretty sure it was Jennie. We both thought I must be wrong since it was too coincidental that out of the very small number of people we know, we would end up running into someone at one of the many comedy shows in Dublin. She continued to answer questions though and I realized it was definitely her. It sure made Dublin seem small again!

The first half had two acts and went a bit slow with a fairly unreceptive audience. I really enjoyed the second act, though the girls in the front row just did not give her much of a response to work with. Maybe I should have sat closer! It is always exciting to see a woman doing stand-up since it is pretty rare. She was funny and had a great energy so I really enjoyed her set. There was a break between halves and we went to say hi to our friend, still not sure how I had not seen her when I came in, but we joined them for the second half, which the audience was much more energetic for. There were two more acts, the second of which was a duo that did comedic songs. That was different and quite entertaining. They definitely had us all laughing. The host was probably my favorite though. He came out between each act and was so hilarious. He picked on one guy quite a bit after discovering he a. was on a first date and b. looked like Ryan Gosling. The guy took it quite well though, so it probably earned him points with the girl anyway. It was a fun night out and was great running into a friend. We will probably be back there soon!

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