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Christmas Parties, Rugby & 12 Pubs of Christmas

This past Friday was Marcus’s work Christmas party, so I was on my own. I had intended to make exciting plans but it was a popular day for work Christmas parties and not very many people were free. After feeling much more sick on Friday, I decided staying in with lots of tea and blankets was an amazing choice, especially since I wanted to be better for the next day.

Saturday was the Heineken cup Rugby match for Leinster (the Irish province Dublin falls in) versus Clermont (a French team). We bought tickets awhile back and were excited it was finally here! After bundling up in all our layers, we headed towards Aviva stadium, on the othInside Avivaer side of Dublin. We got lunch at Paulie’s Pizza, a small pizzeria that we’ve heard great things about. They had seating outside for us, which was great since it was surprisingly sunny for a winter day. We had the special of the day- a pepperoni pizza with garlic, basil and roasted red peppers. It was good, but not really worth all the hype and build up in my opinion. After lunch, we stopped next door at Slattery’s which we’ve heard is the bar for pre-match hangouts or watching the match if you aren’t going. It was a fun place to stop, with a traditional pub atmosphere. I was concerned when we first stepped on to the patio since you could barely walk but inside was actually much less crowded. We had fun watching a little boy there with his father dance around with a giant foam finger. All the bartenders had on Leinster blue Santa hats. Marcus and I actually bought two outside that some teenage boys were selling for charity. We had listened to the pricing they offered all through lunch and were quite entertained at the ever rotating deals. Sometimes it was 2 Euro a hat, sometimes 1 Euro and they even hit 1.50 for awhile. The bulk deal started at 1 for 2 Euro and 3 for 5 Euro, but at one point was offered at 1 hat for 1 Euro or 3 hats for 5 Euro. That was my favorite. After all the entertainment, we had to buy some- especially since it was for charity.

After the game, we met up with some of our new friends for a 12 Pubs of Christmas pub crawl. This is a huge tradition in Dublin. Everyone puts on tacky Christmas jumpers (sweaters) and funny hats, tinsel, lights, etc. and hits a route they plan of 12 different pubs. (Some groups come to pubs on our block so we have had a fun week watching all the groups go by in silly outfits from our windows). We were not very decked out since we came straight from the game, and I wasn’t feeling much up to wandering from store to store to find outfits during the week. When we joined, they were on the 7th pub so we continued on from there. We met a lot of new people and had a great time. We ended at one of the bigger bars and spent the night dancing to a pretty terrible music selection, but had a fantastic time anyway. Since their pub crawl started so early, most people went to bed early also. Marcus and I made it to bed pretty early and still managed to stay out longer than most the group- which is not very common here.

One comment on “Christmas Parties, Rugby & 12 Pubs of Christmas

  1. Gigi Halloran
    December 18, 2012

    Just love to read about your adventures. What is your mailing address? I want to send a Christmas card, hope it gets to you on time. Also, what is Marcus’s last name? Enjoy!!!

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