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Amsterdam Highlight: Red Light District

This new way of posting may be misleading in its use of the word “highlight.” I realize the connotation of the word is likely positive to most. However, I mean it very neutrally; simply saying the topic as an important piece of the trip. The Red Light district and the coffeehouses, to me, are a defining part of Amsterdam. I realize some are trying to change that, but the (now blurred) legality and openness of smoking and the red light windows is a draw for many tourists and what leads many to visit just to party in Amsterdam.

For me, walking through the area was a bit awkward. You constantly turn to see windows with barely clothed women under bright red lighting. Quite a few times I was actually very startled when a girl was off in the corner and seemed to come from nowhere as you walked by. I can’t decide if it makes it more or less awkward, but they are often not posed in any way you would expect. Though some are up front looking for customers, many are still getting ready. While I’m sure there are very attractive ways to sit and put your hair up and etc., I am not sure there is a sexy way to put on most your makeup. The other common site is a girl sitting around texting. It is hard to imagine her attracting any customers that way. “Yeah I’m very drawn that girl there, the one lounging back, texting at 200 words per minute with the completely apathetic look on her face.” I guess I don’t really understand the clientele mindset in this industry at all though. And if they are in a small room for hours, they have to do something I suppose.

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