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Christmas in Agadir- Morocco

We landed in Agadir around 9 in the morning, given our early flight and the hour we gained from the time difference. The airport was small. It had so much natural light and felt very open. It was easy getting our luggage and getting a taxi, as ours was the only flight arriving. The cab ride was about 45 minutes to our hotel and quite exciting. There were herds of sheep along some of the roads, donkeys pulling carts in the lane next to you and motorcycles zooming all around. We made it in one piece though and we got checked in, feeling surprisingly awake. I was quite thrown off on what time it actually was. I was imagining we had missed lunch, but they had not even started to serve it. We were staying at the Beach Albatros, and purchased the all-inclusive option as most people there had. We laid out by the pool with some cocktails from the poolside bar and relaxed until lunchtime. All meals were buffet style and the food was very good. After lunch, we walked around a bit looking for a pharmacy or some shop with toiletries, as I did not have much sunscreen. We found a very helpful man with a gorgeous shop selling painted and carved bowls, as well as tea pots. He did not quite get what we needed though and took us to a place that sold oils and fancy soaps. He then thought we were trying to buy tobacco or hashish, which we clearly were not interested in. We thanked him for his help and finally seeming to get it, he told us there were a few pharmacies a few blocks down. With no illegal drugs in hand, we decided to just pop into the hotel across the way so we could get back sooner. We walked along the beach the rest of the way back, somewhat surprised to spot a McDonalds and Pizza Hut along the pretty beach promenade. The sand was gorgeous though, and we went up to the waves to put our feet in (my first time in the Atlantic). Once back, I continued to aggressively work on my tan until it started to cool down. We watched the sunset and then changed for the Christmas Gala that evening.

Waking up Christmas morning was much different than every Christmas of my life. It was sad being away from home, but it didn’t really feel like Christmas. The day was filled with “do you believe we are doing this activity on Christmas Day?” We had breakfast, laid by the pool, played mini golf on the little course our resort had, ate lunch and returned to the pool. After plenty of sun and catching up on family phone calls, we changed for dinner at the onsite restaurant- Tagine. Dinner was amazing but we realized how cold it gets at night as we walked back in to the hotel. We checked out the late night bar on our way back and went up to pack and get ready for bed.

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