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A couple more days in Agadir- Morocco

Back in Agadir, we knew we wanted to check out the animal park we found by our last hotel but had very little else on the agenda. We wanted this time to be for relaxing and tanning. Our bus got in around 1 and we took a cab back to the hotel, surprised to have made it there without incident given the amount of odd noises and bumps the cab was making. We settled in and went out to get food. We had pizza at a restaurant just down the block. We then headed to the beach for a walk. I wanted to tan but it was just a little too cold. Still, walking in the sand with the sun on us was wonderful. We then headed to the animal park we had seen when we were here earlier in the week.

We stopped over to the animal park to check it out. It was fairly small but in a very cute park and was free. There were llamas, monkeys, goats, a wallaby and many birds. I had a great time walking though. Then it was back to the beach for a drink and a sunset view at one of the many beachfront restaurants. We had a few beers and sat along the beach at Camel until after the sunset. We walked back to the hotel and hung a bit before getting kebabs to go at the place nearby, but were disappointed as these were our second kebab in Morocco and just as dry as the first. We thought it was just the place we picked, but the meat in these was extremely dry as well. One of the only complaints we had about the food we had while in Morocco was the meat was sometimes very dry, so maybe that is a preference there. We spent a lazy night watching TV before heading to bed.

The next day we started with the breakfast buffet in our hotel. We headed down to the beach, but the route we took was full of shops. I did want to buy a bowl though, so we did stop into a shop with large, painted and engraved bowls. Picking a pretty one, and making Marcus do the bartering, we then headed back to drop it at our hotel. We started off to the beach again and walked all the way down to the piers and back. We got lunch at a small restaurant just off the beach and it was delicious. Marcus got a fish tagine and I ordered fish skewers. It also came with salad and soup before- the Harira soup that quickly won me over! The third course was a fruit salad- covered with orange juice and mint leaves. It was a simple and tasty way to make the sliced fruit a bit fancier.

We walked through the animal park again, since it was right there and all. And this time got the popcorn they sold at the door. Kids fed it to the animals, so we tried with a few animals and made friends with some of the birds that way. After heading back to the hotel and playing cards in the sun room, we made our way out to The English Pub. We had stopped by earlier and found they had NFL available. Very surprised to find US football in Morocco, we were excited to stop in. It was a big game for the Bears, Marcus’s favorite team so it was nice to be able to watch. We had burgers and beers while we watched the Bears win, but were too tired to stay through the Vikings game that followed. We packed up for our flight the next day and headed to sleep.

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