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Agadir Highlights: Vallée des Oiseaux Zoo

In our hotel room, the balcony had a view of a rocky area, with a herd of animals that looked similar to antelope. We thought it was an odd place to see a herd grazing, but did not see anything else around it to explain. Walking later, we discovered there is a small zoo right by us, and that these animals were part of that. I decided it was something we would have to see, so we put it on the to-do list for the second half of our Agadir stay. (Previously the Agadir to do list was “eat, drink, tan, play put-put golf at our hotel” so we figured it would fit in the schedule).  IMG_0366

Entrance was free and it seemed to be very popular with kids. There was a very large playground that all the small kids were playing on. They also sold popcorn at the entrance, so all the small children were feeding the animals popcorn. It is apparently completely acceptable, as we saw one of the staff members come up to the large pile of popcorn in front of the monkey cage (it is a rather tough throw to get it in) and pick up piles of popcorn and hand it to the monkeys inside.

IMG_0390It was a short walk through, but they have a good amount of animals: llamas, goats, peacocks, wallabies, monkeys, and lots of birds. The bird exhibit is where I started to really get mixed feelings about the zoo. The cages up to then were not too small, maybe they could have had some more activities and variation, but the animals did not seem crowded or unhappy. Okay, they were constantly being fed popcorn so maybe that was distracting them. But the birds did not seem to be doing so well. Some small birds were in cages with just their breed, and these cages were big enough that they could fly about some. Then there were the large cages, with pools in them and all kinds of fun toys. This is where they kept the flamingos, black crown cranes, and all their other large birds. There were also some large geese, large chickens, normal chickens and ducks, extremely silly chickens with rather fluffy heads (after a Google search of that phrase I think they may have been Polish Crested Chickens), and all types of pigeons. The cage had a reasonable amount of space, though still probably small for the large birds. The big issue seemed to be more related to the large birds being overcrowded in this space with all the small birds. There were pigeons walking around all over, constantly running at the sight of popcorn. They would pass by the larger birds, which naturally are not living in areas with this much excitement all right around them, and they were getting rather frazzled. The crane was constantly getting worked up, seeming angry and scared. It was a nice park but there are some huge improvements that need to be made for the animals. I loved seeing these amazing birds, they are truly very beautiful. Still, I would much rather see them calm, and if charging for entrance helped to get the funds to make these areas separate, it seems worth it.

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