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Marrakech Highlights: Marrakech By Air, Hot air balloon and Camel Riding

IMG_2318After waking up at 5:30, we headed to the meeting point for our 6am pickup. We were picked up in an SUV with another couple. Our guide was already making jokes and had a ton of energy. I was half asleep still for the entire ride out, but he started to rub off on us all and wake us up. We got out of the city, and started at a Berber House with tea and croissants while the balloon was setting up.

Once the balloon was in position, we started getting in. I guess I imagined there being a door of some kind IMG_2248on the basket, but I suppose that was silly of me. Instead, we found cut outs on the side to step into and climb up and over the edge. Once everyone was in, our pilot put in more hot air to start rising. The fire was amazing since it was freezing. It was still dark, but we could see everything below pretty well. The houses looked tiny; the land below all looked sectioned off in little blocks of differing colors between roads. There were mountains off to every side, and in the distance you could see the lights in the city of Marrakech. It was gorgeous! I could not believe the views every way. Everyone was having a good time and our pilot kept us quite entertained. After a while in the balloon, the sun began to rise. We saw it over the mountain tops, with some other balloons taking off right around it in the distance. This made an incredible view with their silhouettes, the mountains and the colors across the sky. Landing was an interesting experience, as we slowly lowered and then had to be caught by the crew on the ground.IMG_2223

From here we went to breakfast at a berber house- fried breads, sweet breads, and crepes, IMG_2325alongside oils, jams and honey. Tea was of coursed served as well. It was very good, but I could not eat so much fried dough for breakfast all the time. We finished and I went along with another girl to use the bathroom. We were warned that it was not the toilet we expected when we were about half way there. Opening the door, we found a small plastic square with a small hole and two foot shaped steps for you to stand on. There was no light in the room which made it even more of an adventure. Still, we got through it.

IMG_2339Next stop was a camel ride. The camels lay down and we got on to the padded seat secured on them. Once on, the camel stands and suddenly you are up very high. I was pretty scared at first. It is strange to get used to the movement and I didn’t feel centered for a while. After a few minutes though, I started to feel much more comfortable. All the camels were tied together and were guided around on about a twenty minute walk through the area. There was a herd of sheep and goats really close that was fun to watch while walking. The guy in front of me became great friends with my camel when he started petting its head and ears. The camel was so happy- he wiggled his ears and got in closer; it was very cute. It was the perfect length for a ride- long enough to feel comfortable and enjoy it, but too short to start feeling any back pain that was common for people doing long camel rides. It was then time to head back- well fed, excited and with a flight certificate to commemorate our amazing day!

2 comments on “Marrakech Highlights: Marrakech By Air, Hot air balloon and Camel Riding

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  2. awllee
    February 2, 2013

    We booked the trip with Marrakech by Air.. had a fab time, Hamid was very entertaining! A little expensive but it was the best thing we done in Morocco.
    We made two videos, one of the balloon landing which was ‘a bad landing’ according to Hamid because of the wind but that made it exciting. That video I uploaded here:

    The other video was how my wife ended up with the grumpiest camel on the camel rides.. very entertaining:

    Hope you like it!

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