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Marrakech Highlights: Riad Marrakech Rouge

Our hostel was off one of the small side streets from the main square, so we walked down the narrow, curvy, and very busy street until we hit the alleyway to our hostel. It sounds much sketchier than it was. I was already overwhelmed though. There are people constantly asking you to come into their shops. There are bikes, motorbikes and cars going every which way. There is excitement and noise everywhere you look. So walking in to our calm, quiet hostel where they immediately brought us tea and had us sit and relax was a much welcome treat. We chatted with Ali who got us all settled and checked in. He told us where to do everything we wanted to do and pointed out some of the bigger attractions close by.

Given that it was a hostel, it was not as luxurious as our last place, but it was very nice and very clean. It was a cool style with lots of fun décor and colors. As it was aIMG_2184 riad, there was a lounge in the middle that was technically outdoors, with an open roof. It was tented over though so it stayed warm. There was plenty of outside seating up on the top levels, with three lounge areas under different degrees of cover. The rooms were big enough and comfy. The people staying there were friendly and fun to talk with. The lounge served tea all day on request, which meant people were generally hanging out in there. Breakfast was served daily and included tea and coffee, fried breads, cinnamon rolls, sliced baguette, marble cakes, crepes, and butter, jam and marmalades. It was very good and quite filling.

The location was great, as it was close to everything. It is just a few minutes’ walk to the large souk, the spice souk, to the palaces and many of the mosques.  There was also plenty of shopping right on the street it was off of, and plenty of places to eat nearby. You could also schedule trips through the hostel and meet your guide right in the lounge. I really appreciated that since we ended up wanting less time just walking around the city than we imagined we would. It was definitely a great spot with a great price, and really provided a positive hostel experience for me.

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