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BBQ Cauliflower Pizza

I have to admit that I’ve gotten pretty obsessed with cauliflower.  I love the taste and it seems to be a hot trend in recipes these days. It is also one of the few vegetables that goes well with any sauce and soaks in the flavor similarly to meats. So when I wanted to make vegan pizza for non-vegans coming to a party, I knew the most missed ingredient of pizza is the cheese. I wanted to go with a nontraditional pizza, so that it would be different enough they would not immediately think “where’s the cheese?” I immediately thought of this recipe for Buffalo “wings” found on PETA’s site and all over Pinterest. Who knew PETA did recipes? I made this with BBQ sauce instead of Buffalo at another party and got a great response, so I decided to do something similar on pizza. I skipped the breading process to make a simple BBQ Cauliflower Pizza. This was a hit with the guests as well when I served it at a party last Friday- even the meat lovers were huge fans!

BBQ Cauliflower Pizza

BBQ Cauliflower Pizza

–          1 cup cauliflower

–          ¼ cup red onion

–          ¼ cup red bell peppers

–          ¼ cup corn

–           1 tomato

–          ¼ cup BBQ Sauce (I use Reggae Reggae BBQ Sauce because it is my favorite out here, but it can be any bought or homemade sauce you like)

–          1 pizza crust (store bought or homemade)

Dice cauliflower into small pieces. Slice red onion and pepper into thin slivers. Place all vegetables in a bowl and pour half the BBQ sauce in and allow marinating. Spread evenly over pizza crust and pour on remaining sauce. Cook according to directions on crust.

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