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Super Bowl Party

In Dublin, throwing a Super Bowl party was quite different. Not because we couldn’t find anyone interested- quite the opposite actually. We have met a number of people who follow US football, to varying degrees. Others want to learn more about it. Some have lived in the US and enjoyed it there; others are planning a move to the US and need to work up their football knowledge. Whatever the reason, plenty of people are willing to watch. That is, until they hear when the game is playing. Here in Dublin, we are 5 hours ahead of the East Coast. The Super Bowl begins at 6:30 EST, which means it is 11:30 PM here at kickoff. Staying up until 3AM n a Sunday night does weed out some of the less committed folk, and they are absolutely correct in not wanting to stay up that late for a game they are not invested in.

Football on Sundays, especially the Super Bowl has always meant spending the day watching games, eating and drinking. Being from the West Coast, football starts at 10 AM. This meant that it was not uncommon for a few friends to show up at our door just before 10 with bagels and coffee to sit and watch with us. Throughout the day we would get more friends joining and put more food out. It was fun, it was social, and it was a daytime activity. Wanting to relive that to at least some extent, I decided to throw a Super Bowl party, but start it early before the game begins. We said three was an acceptable time for people to start joining us, and we planned on snacks, dinner and drinking games before the game.

We had people come by around 4 and start joining us from there. It was very fun- we played games, ate, and watched some pre-puppy bowl footage. We had some people throughout the game though most left within the beginning of it. With the power outage, it got quite late by the end of the game and I have to admit to taking some mini naps during it. It was a fun day though, and below is the menu of food I served.

Assorted Crostini- I planned three types of crostini, but only served two. I love making crostini as it is relatively simple, yet still looks fancy. I’ve focused on vegetables, but since I had some nice chorizo in the house, will add a bit of meat.

Lay out the bread pre-party and just throw the topping on quickly after re-heating.

Lay out the bread pre-party and just throw the topping on quickly after re-heating.

Throw a baking dish of peppers, red onions and chorizo in the oven and roast around 20 minutes until peppers are soft.

Throw a baking dish of peppers, red onions and chorizo in the oven and roast around 20 minutes until peppers are soft.

  1. Bell peppers with chorizo- I sautéed a few colors of bell pepper with some chorizo mixed in for extra flavor.
  2. Roasted eggplant- My nonna has always made the best roasted eggplant and served with bread. Cut the eggplant in half and drizzle with a bit of olive oil. Roast until it is very tender and has changed to a green shade. When done, it will pull apart easily into thin strips and taste so tender and delicious. This was a huge hit- many people hadn’t had eggplant before and loved it.
  3. Mushrooms with red onion- Sauté the red onion and mushroom with paprika, pepper, garlic powder and some cayenne. This is always a huge hit and my friends have consistently asked how I make my mushrooms. I didn’t get to this dish as we had enough food going on already.

Fruit Skewers- I loaded tooth picks with a mix of apple pieces, orange pieces, and bananas.

Veggie tray- It always amazes me how many vegetables people will eat if you sit them out in close reach. I try to always have a plate of veggies set on a table when guests first begin to arrive. I always make my own, and this time included cucumber, carrot and snap peas.

Salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips- Chips and dip is a standard go-to and I love to make my own pico-de-gallo style salsa and guacamole full of spices. I think the key to good salsa/guac is all in the seasoning- paprika, chili, cumin, cayenne, garlic, salt, pepper. Add whichever you have on hand to get a lot of flavor, and of course remember a splash of lime in each.

Paella- I made a paella dish with chorizo and chicken which came out pretty well. The saffron I bought in Morocco is not the quality I wanted, so it was less than ideal, but still good. It just took more of the chorizo flavor and ended up tasting more like that and less like a traditional paella.

Paella meat, veggies and seasonings.

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