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Exploring Trim, the Castle and the Town

Saturday morning I woke up in the mood to cook. So I headed up to the kitchen to see what I could come up with. Looking at Breakfast Burritosmy ingredients on hand and thinking what we hadn’t had for awhile, I decided on breakfast burritos, vegan of course. I had some mashed potatoes on hand for other recipes and so I made a few small hash browns to add. I sliced some red onion and peppers, chopped tomato, mashed avocado and tore up some spinach. I had azuki beans in the fridge also, so I added those in too. The burritos came out great! A good start to a day of adventuring.

After breakfast, we got ready and set out to the bus station and met two of our friends for a day trip to Trim. A scenic hour ride got us to the town around 12:30PM. We were dropped off just by the River Boyne, which we had seen on our trip to Newgrange. The river and its surroundings were beautiful here as well. It was alongside a huge field on one side, with the remains of the old city walls and an old steeple which is all that is left of the old St. Mary’s Abbey. The other side was the Trim Castle and what remained of the boundaries. We walked along the river, crossed a bridge and got to the castle. We made it just before the next tour of the grounds and keeps, so we decided to join in. The guide was so knowledgeable and shared so much of the history. We saw all that remained and saw how they were maintaining it, rather than restoring it. (For anyone visiting, I would absolutely recommend doing this tour. It is an extra Euro on top of the three Euro admission but is about a 30 minute tour with the history of the castle and access to all levels and all the rooms remaining). We went all the way up to the top level, through a series of very narrow, spiral staircases designed to be difficult to navigate. The views were amazing once we made it though! You could see so far in the distance- the river, the grass fields, the churches and the town. It was gorgeous.

View of Trim Castle

View of Trim Castle

Another view of Trim Castle

Another view of Trim Castle

Castle Staircase

Castle Staircase

An old doorway to the kitchen that has since fallen.

An old doorway to the kitchen that has since fallen.

Inside the castle - arched doors.

Inside the castle – arched doors.


View of a nearby church

View of a nearby church

View from the top

View from the top of the castle


After the tour, we decided to stop for lunch before continuing on the rest of the walk. We found quite a few pubs and one cafe that looked great, but we could see all the tables were full and were not willing to wait around. Instead we picked a pub connected to a hotel- Brogan’s. Everyone there was getting food so that is always a good sign. We were all pleasantly surprised with the food there. It was much better than we expected from standard pub food. Energized from our stop- we headed on to the rest of our sights.

Saint Patrick's CathedralFirst we went to see the new cathedral, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was a beautiful church with a cemetery surrounding it. It was a very peaceful garden to walk around. From there, we continued back along the river, this time exploring the side opposite the castle. We passed the Yellow Steeple up close and got to walk through the Sheeps Gate, part of the remaining wall originally around the city. We walked on and passed a herd of sheep that were just grazing in the field, not fenced or anything. Nervously, my friend Sarah and I approached, eager to get close to the sheep. We walked up until we were just a few meters away. We noticed all the sheep turned and were staringThe Sheep Gate at us, baa-ing loudly. There were a couple baby sheep up- so very cute! Still, we did not want to approach them and upset the whole herd. We were worried they would charge us. “Do sheep charge?” We discussed. We could tell they were a bit worried about us and very aware, and we did not want to upset them. The boys came up closer and the sheep slowly started moving away. We were not sure whether it was just because they were scared of us or if part of it was the herding instinct as they walked in very distinct lines from where we moved. Still, we got close enough and got some views so we did not want to upset them.

On we went, giddy from our sheep spotting, to the old Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral. It was the remains of the church and the cemetery. It was beautiful. We could see the remains of the old hospital from this location. We headed back along the river and caught the bus home. The Old Cathedral

View of the Castle through the old window

Marcus and I got home around 6:00 PM. We settled in for a calm night of movie watching and relaxing. We spent some time planning out trips and schedules with the people signed on to visit. Dinner was a pita wrap with vegetables and beans, alongside spiced cauliflower. It was an amazing day exploring more of Ireland.

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