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Dublin Fun Fact Friday: The Little Museum

There are many museums in Dublin, but one that we’ve really wanted to go to is the Little Museum. We finally went last evening. as Thursdays they are open late. I’m so glad we finally made it out- it is a great museum!

We arrived a little before 7 and started exploring the pictures, memorabilia and information in the entry way and up the stairs. At 7 they began a tour of the main floor. The curator of the museum, Simon O’Connor, gave the tour himself. (He does tours every Thursday evening at 7).  He started by explaining that it is a people’s museum and was built without funding. They relied entirely on donations from the community. It is amazing how much they were able to put together as there were so many great pieces. There was furniture, old letters, signs, photographs, books and magazines, and many other historical documents and interesting items. The museum is arranged by decades, from the 1900s to 1990s and the tour gave information on the big events in each decade, and highlighted a few of their important pieces on display from each time period. It was very informative and interesting. I enjoyed seeing the actual building as much as the displays as well. The museum is in one of the few Georgian houses still intact and open to the public. The detail was amazing and it was extremely well maintained.The huge front windows look out onto St. Stephen’s Green, giving you a great view while park’s historical significance is addressed. The fireplaces are gorgeous- and are original. And with the antique rugs and furniture, it really feels as though you are taken back in time.

The Little Museum is definitely worth checking out, and I would really recommend taking a guided tour as well. It is a great chance to see the history of Dublin put together by the people of the city. With its central location it is so easy to get to. There are plenty of pieces worth seeing, lots of great information, and the added bonus of a wonderful Georgian house holding it all. To book tickets, get more information or check out upcoming events, you can visit their website.

If you make if for the Thursday curator tour and are looking for an event to check out after, head over to The Mint in The Westin Hotel for Thursday night Gin and Jazz at 9pm. We went last night and enjoyed their gin cocktail specials- 5 Euro for their Ultimate Gin & Tonic with grapefruit and 7 Euro for their gin cocktails. We tried the Ultimate G&T, the SouthSide and the Sloe Gin Fizz. The first two were my favorites but the Gin Fizz was great as well. The music was absolutely wonderful and would definitely be worth a trip back.

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