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Parnell Square- Hugh Lane Gallery, Garden of Remembrance and The Dublin Writer’s Museum

Hugh Lane Gallery RoomWe’ve heard about free Sunday at Noon concerts and been meaning to check it out. We were running late for it, but decided to head out to it anyway. We didn’t know what to expect- whether it was indoors or out, whether it filled up or not. We arrived a little late to find that the show was in a small room inside the Hugh Lane Gallery and was already full. Still, we found where it was and we planned to head back soon for one of their concerts. Since we were already at the gallery though, we decided to check out the museum. We arrived in between exhibits, but we checked out their permanent pieces, one of which was the Francis Bacon Studio which included a film interview, a replica of his studio, pictures, notes, and art. It was a great museum and it is free- though they suggest a 2 Euro donation if you enjoy it (it is definitely worth it). I was very impressed with the gallery and will try to visit again when they have a new exhibit opened up and, of course, to actually catch one of the concerts.

Francis Bacon Quote on Wall

From the Gallery, we walked across the street to the Garden of Remembrance. It is a large square surrounded with flowers and plants. A large cross filled with water is surrounded by benches and leads up to a large statue at the front of the garden. It is a calm, peaceful spot in the middle of a busy area.

Just down the street from the Hugh Lane Gallery is the Dublin Writer’s Museum, so we decided to stop in there next. It is housed in a gorgeous Georgian building, much like the Writer's Museum CeilingLittle Museum.  There is loads of information in a reasonably small museum. We spent close to an hour, but easily could have spent a few more hours there. There was a ton to read, so many old books and pictures on display, items belonging to many writers and busts of their heads as well. They also provided an audio guide, giving more details. It was a great spot, especially if you are particularly interested in literature or Irish writers. It was a bit pricy compared to other museums in the area at 7.5 Euro a person, but it kept us busy for a while on Sunday afternoon. I learned about some of the names I knew and also found a few authors I hadn’t heard much of to check out.

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