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Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Pub Crawl

We started off St. Patrick’s Day with a very non-traditional Irish breakfast- American Pancakes. (I wasn’t up for an Irish breakfast, and I did grow up eating green pancakes for breakfast each Paddy’s day). I attempted to make them in themed shapes, but it is quite difficult making shamrocks, pots of gold, or rainbows. So I settled for Mickey Mouse shapes at Marcus’s requests and decided using Irish products in Ireland was enough Irishness for our breakfast.

From there, we decked ourselves out in our green clothing, put on all the accessories sent out in care packages, and then layered up with our coats and gloves to brave the very harsh whether for the Parade. It was not raining at that point, but as it had already rained and snowed that morning, we knew it would happen again and even without the rain, it was freezing! We headed out to the end of the route on Patrick’s Street. It was not very crowded here, even though it was 11:45 and the parade was to start at 12. We thought we’d missed the People’s Parade but found that to be the start of the show. The People’s Parade was a long one on its own. There were marching bands, and dance clubs, students, event groups and all kinds of costumes. After nearly an hour, the first parade finished and it was another half

until we saw signs of the next parade on its way. It was largely marching bands from all over- many from the US. There were a few big floats, quite a few horses, and about 10 more dogs than I was anticipating (I expected 0, but was hoping for 2 sheep that never arrived. I suppose sheep must not parade well). We watched most of it from our spot, then headed up towards Dame Street passing the parade left to come on our way on to food. We had to make sure we didn’t miss anything amazing. We stopped into Cafe Azteca on Dame Street, a great Mexican restaurant with a decent view of the parade route and ordered as the final floats came by. This worked out very well for us, as we missed the rush to head on in any direction. The street was cleared out when we were done eating and we walked off towards Baggot Street for our next planned activity.

We met some friends at Searsons, a pub a good ways down Baggot Street. Though the long walk in the rain was less than ideal, it was worth it once inside. It was empty in comparison to the pubs closer into town we had passed (read- it was actually quite full, but there were still empty chairs here and there, rather than overflowing out the door with people on top of you). They had a Leprechaun walking around the bar, waving and joining in for pictures. There was live music and a small dance floor. We hung around here for quite awhile as more people came to meet up. Later on, we ventured back towards town, stopping into pubs here and there until we found live music and danced.

Monday we took it pretty easy- enjoying the bank holiday and my last day before starting a new job. We watched some movies, cooked, cleaned, and tried to prepare for my sister and her boyfriend who will be flying in Friday. We had an amazing weekend and have plenty more excitement on the agenda coming right up for us.

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