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Dublin Fun Fact Friday: Happy Hour is Illegal in Ireland

Ok- so this Fun Fact is not really all that fun.. Citizen’s Information states:

“Since August 2003 it is illegal in Ireland to sell alcohol at reduced prices for a limited period during any day. (In other words, ‘happy hour’ is now prohibited).”

That is a rather unfortunate law. Those I’ve spoken to about it say it came up because they didn’t trust the Irish to control their pre-dinner drinking if prices were lowered. I can’t say for sure why it came but I will say it is a sad thing to get used to. There is an exciting alternative that has taken over this slot a little bit- the pre-theatre or early bird menu menu. So many restaurants in Dublin offer pre-theatre menus (maybe because so many are close to a theatre). Food deals here are quite different than happy hour food deals though. It isn’t half off appetizers or any deals on snacks- it is lowered prices on 2 or 3 course menus. The fixed price menu is always the final push you need to get that appetizer that sounded amazinggg.

Chin Yo – A cook-at-your-table style Asian Restaurant in the city centre offers a few specials. Their early bird Teppan Yaki is 10 Euro for teppan yaki style chicken or beef with rice and vegetables. For those looking for more options, there is the evening menu served all night, all week. For 17.50 you get 3 courses with tea or coffee.

Shanahan’s Restaurant- Dublin’s most famous steakhouse does a special price menu, but you have to get in early as it only runs 5:00 to 6:45 from Monday to Friday. For 45 Euro, you get a four course meal from their limited menu. Choose from filet, sirloin steak, or cod as your main course.

White Friar Grill- My personal favorite is the Sunday through Wednesday deal at White Friar. Two people share one bottle of wine, and each get their own HUGE starter, main and dessert for 55 Euro total. I could not believe the quality and quantity for the price

Check out more special menus at

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