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Berlin Highlights: Museums

We got to Museum Island and saw the massive buildings that were their museums. We then saw the massive line to get into any of these museums. (Tip- if you are going to more than one or two museums, buy the 19 Euro museum pass that gets you into a number of their museums. You can buy it at the least popular option, wherever there is no line and skip the huge lines for the more popular spots. It is valid for three days). Our destination was the Pergamonmuseum. From there, we would see how much time we had, and decide if it was possible to get into another museum. We realized at this point, it was not.

Pergamon Altar

We waited in line around half hour, though this wasn’t bad considering the length of it. Knowing it was a very famous archeology museum and not much else, we walked into the first room that held a huge stairway leading up to an altar, surrounded by statues and columns. Did I mention it was huge yet? Because it was. I was so confused. We explored it, listened to our audio guides, and realized that the museum was filled with recreations of old (very old) buildings. There are some original pieces spread throughout the museum where preserved. Some are casts of the original pieces. We realized we were looking at the Pergamon Altar. It was amazing! We walked on to see the Market Gate of Miletus and onto the Ishtar Gate and processional way of Babylon. The gate was extraordinary and some of their processional row was lined with original tiles. It was crazy to see things that old. There were statues, jewelery and things I expected to see from then on. Very interesting and very, very old. The upstairs included an exhibit on Muslim art which was amazing as well. The pieces they had varied from figurines, boxes, prayer niche, rugs and pottery. It was filled with beautiful treasures.

I would definitely recommend checking out this museum. Be sure to use the audio guide as well. It will hold you up if you were to play each number, but listen to a couple per room so that you know what is going on. And if museums do not make your to-do list for Berlin, at least check out Museum Island to see just how big and beautiful the buildings themselves are. (Most walking tours will take you through the area).

One famous museum not on the Island is the Topography of Terror. It is a free museum, so after the high praise our tour guide gave it, Marcus and I stopped in for a quick look. It was a very informative museum- we went through very quickly but you could easily spend well over an hour there. The layout is very easy to follow and extremely eye catching, making it great for both a quick walk through or a more in-depth visit.The museum focuses on the Nazi rise to power, their hold over power and eventual downfall. It considers what methods they used to persuade people to their way of thinking or to eliminate the voices speaking out against them. Much of the information will not be new to those who have been to Holocaust memorial sites, though there is greater detail. The museum is right alongside one of the longer stretches of remaining wall in what was the dead zone, standing where Nazi government buildings once stood. It is one of the many spots in Berlin where so much history surrounds you.

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