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Dublin Fun Fact Friday- Pub Music

Live music is very easy to find in dublin, particularly in Temple Bar and city center. At almost any hour someone is playing pub songs or traditional Irish music. As you hit a few spots you will quickly notice some songs are played very frequently, and few performers will finish a set without one, if not all of them. Here are a few of the most common pub songs.

Galway Girl- Steve Earl and Sharon Shannon
A love song about meeting a black haired, blue eyed girl while out in the rain in Galway.

Whiskey in the Jar- Best known by The Dubliners
An old and often redone Irish song about a betrayed man on the road, done with a new twist by Metallica.

Seven Drunken Nights- The Dubliners
The story of a man coming home drunk to his wife seven nights in a row and arguing over unfamiliar items in their house.

The Wild Rover- (redone too many times)
A very old, traditional Irish drinking song, about being wild but changing your ways. No, nay never no more. I see it as the song equivalent to waking up hungover saying you will NEVER drink again.


There are plenty more to mention- so add on to the list! What are some of your favorites?

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