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Fun Fact Friday: The non-traditional songs you’ll here in pubs

Last week, I went through a few of the most played Irish pub songs. Almost all live musicians in the area stray away from traditional Irish music for at least a few of their songs. When they do, it is safe to bet they will pick one of these songs below. These songs are crowd pleasers every time, without fail. So, if you are playing to listen to some live music in Dublin, make sure you are ready to sing along.


Wonderwall- Oasis

This is a big one everywhere, but brings out a new level of enthusiasm out here. And I apologize if I now got this song stuck in your head from just the mention of it- it is just SO catchy.

Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is extremely popular out here, and you can rarely sit through a performer’s set without hearing at least one song by him. Most frequently, it’ll be Ring of Fire. Marcus has taken this rather hard, as he thinks Johnny Cash is the worst. I, on the other hand, will always be happy to listen to Johnny Cash.

Walk the Line and Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash

If the musician doesn’t stop at Ring of Fire, you can be sure one- or both- of these songs will be played as well. Clearly Dubliners (or Dublin tourists) are big fans.

Take Me Home, Country Roads- John Denver

I think I’ve heard this song more since our move to Europe than I had my whole life before that- and my mother is a John Denver fan.

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