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Krakow Highlights: Street Food

There are plenty of mall vendors along the street and larger food stalls in the late night bar areas. One food you will see throughout the city all along the streets is obwarzanki. Similar to a bagel, this dough comes in a variety of flavors with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, cheese and more. For 1.5 PLN (or about .25 Euro) you can get one of these on any corner in Old Town- a great snack on your walk between sights.

Another popular item you will see all over is Zapiekanki. These start as a long piece of French bread, are Zapiekanki marketing- I was sold!loaded up with toppings and then covered in cheese, broiled, and finished off with the sauce of your choice (ketchup, mayo, garlic sauce or hot sauce are a few of your options) . They end up similar to a giant pizza and are served on a thin cardboard wrap that barely fits it on there. They are rather popular as you will see people walking with them all over. Around dinner time on Sunday, our neighboring market in Jewish Quarter with about 4 stands making these was packed! They are popular for lunch, dinner and late night snacks between bars. I would recommend sharing, and they will cut it in two for you- but many people eat their own as they walk around the area. Despite the serving style, they are risky to eat on the go, so make sure you grab some napkins!

Zapiekanki- split in two for sharing

4 comments on “Krakow Highlights: Street Food

  1. Elements of Imagery
    June 10, 2013

    Oh! I love Krakow!

  2. buildingmybento
    June 13, 2013

    What’s going on it that picture? There’s no meat? Also, is Poland mayo-crazed too? Shucks, I’d like to avoid it in at least one country out there…

    • samstersadventures
      June 13, 2013

      A lot is going on! There is actually meat- chicken and bacon, and lots of it. It is just hard to spot under the piles of chives. As far as I saw, wouldn’t say mayo crazed. I think it should be easy enough to avoid!

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