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Dublin Fun Fact Friday: Irish Humor

One thing I have noticed since moving here is that, generally, people tend to be in a good mood. Less people seem to be in a bad mood, or even in a neutral mood. This is not to say you never see people unhappy, angry or frustrated, but it is not very common. I think it has a lot to do with the culture here changing my perception. People are more outgoing and connected. Everyone talks to you, everyone tries to help you. I am not saying this doesn’t happen elsewhere, I have just found it to be extremely prevalent here. When people are constantly talking and joking, I think it not only makes them appear happier, but does improve their mood.

On the same note, the Irish really take pride in their sense of humor. So many of our Irish friends talk about how funny all Irish people are. Sometimes I think they are being ridiculous, but I have not encountered many Irish people that are not funny. This is not to say they are all comedians constantly making jokes, but that they tend to make witty comments frequently and keep topics lighthearted. It seems that Irish culture prioritizes humor and the enjoyment of life. People here try to keep a positive attitude and good humor when looking at the world around them. The people I have met do not take themselves too seriously; they are the first to make a joke at their own expense. I think this humor is what keeps everyone connected – you need someone to laugh with, right?

One comment on “Dublin Fun Fact Friday: Irish Humor

  1. Red Hen
    July 5, 2013

    Glad you`re enjoying your time here. I have no idea if we`re any more chatty, or good humoured than any other tribe. I just know we love the chat and the craic (our slang for `fun`).

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