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Dublin Fun Fact Friday: The Temple Bar


Upon moving out here, I had heard a lot about Temple Bar and the Temple Bar area. I assumed that this infamous Temple Bar was one bar with a surrounding area named after it because everyone just talked about it a disproportionate amount. Am I the only one? Maybe. But I assume someone out there may think like me (scary- I know) and be sitting around with the same idea I had. So today’s fun fact is about Temple Bar, how it was named, and what it is like today.

There is a Temple Bar (a pub) but the name was originally the description of a smaller section. Bar was the word to describe the walkway on a river. Temple was the family name of the family living there. As the area became popular, the name stuck to the whole place. And after phases of growth and decline, it is now a popular tourist stop.

So check out the area a bit when in Dublin, there is always live music somewhere. And stop in to the Temple Bar- it is a must do when in town. (If you go in the afternoon, it is much less crowded. They still have live music, and even a food menu. You will actually be able to sit and see the decor).

2 comments on “Dublin Fun Fact Friday: The Temple Bar

  1. Gigi Halloran
    August 13, 2013

    You are such a good writer! I feel as though I know Dublin now.

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