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Vegan BBQ – yes, it can be done

Summer is nearing its end, but with Football season starting, BBQ season has a few strong weeks ahead. BBQs are one of the things that people can’t seem to fathom doing vegan, but it is much easier than you think. Sure- many times we will eat some meat when barbecuing, but I am quite happy getting through a BBQ eating no animal products. For anyone who still doesn’t believe it’s possible, or for those looking for ways to add some vegetables to your next party, here’s a list of some easy vegan BBQ menu options. Pick a couple and add them to your next BBQ.


Raw Veggie platter – broccoli, carrots, cucumber, snap and sugar peas, any of the vegetables I prefer raw go on this tray. You can also add hummus or another vegan dip.

Raw veggie plate

Salsa and chips– I love salsa so when is it not the right time for chips with fresh, homemade salsas and pico de gallo? Make some guacamole as well. Remember that these dips would also go well on your main dishes later on. Look out for some of my favorite salsa recipes coming soon!

Chips & Salsa/Guacamole


Veggie burgers– it can be tough to grill veggie burgers. I may do them on a tray, but given the higher chances of falling apart, I don’t put them right on the grill. Usually I make the veggie patties on a grill pan on the stove. They are still great and you can always throw grilled vegetables on them to feel like you aren’t missing out!

Teriyaki Burger Assembled

Portobello burgers– grill up a whole portobello for each sandwich and top with something delicious: guacamole and grilled onions, tomato and roast peppers, hummus and sundried tomato, there are endless options.

Baked potatoes– fill a baked potato with delicious vegan options- vegetarian chili, nutritional yeast and avocado, spinach and greens are a great addition as well. Try a sweet potato for bonus health points.

Vegan Pizza– grill up some toppings for it or cook the pizza on the grill. This BBQ cauliflower pizza would definitely fit the menu.

BBQ Cauliflower Pizza


Fruit salad– nectarines, apple, berries, some melon, anything that just tastes like summer. Dress it up with some orange juice and muddled lime.

Simple green salad- I use my go to green salad – mixed lettuce, spinach, tomato, avocado, thinly sliced carrots (use a vegetable peeler to get thin slices), peppers, cucumber, red onion (soaked in the dressing to mellow the flavor), and walnuts.


Veggie skewers- unless you’ve got a good grill tray (like this one from Cuisinart), grilling vegetables is tough without skewers. Grilled vegetables are amazing though- even for meat eaters (I always have to bring tons of extras to share at bbqs as everyone gets excited about vegetables from the grill). My favorites to grill? Mushroom, bell peppers, onion, eggplant, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. You can also try some less traditional grilling vegetables- asparagus or Brussels sprouts are fun ones to try.

Corn on the cob– a classic and a favorite, this always goes over well. Skip the butter- use a small amount of oil instead with minced garlic, or try a squeeze lime and cayenne for a fun twist.

Beans- black or pinto, made with onion, garlic and spices as the flavor and leaving out butter. Or try baked beans, if you leave out the meat and butter.

Vegan BBQ

Corn bread– vegan cornbread is very easy! Almond milk can replace butter milk and applesauce makes a great egg substitute to add a rich texture.


Grilled fruit– want an easy dessert? Grill peaches, nectarines, pineapples – either chopped on skewers or sliced in halves and set on the grill. The sugars caramelize and taste amazing!  Having veggie burgers? Throw a few pineapples on the grill early and make teriyaki burgers- yum!

Do you have a great go-to vegan recipe for the grill or a favorite grilled vegetable? Let us know in the comments!

One comment on “Vegan BBQ – yes, it can be done

  1. breakroomstories
    September 10, 2013

    Amazing vegan recipes! I can’t wait to try at home!

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