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Happy Birthday Samster’s Adventures!

I can’t let September come to an end without a post on what a big month this is!

One year ago on September 1st, we hopped on a plane to Europe from California. We made a quick stop in Dublin and then traveled around for two weeks on our first big trip through Europe. September 15th we arrived to stay in Dublin. And September 24th, I officially set up my blog.

Happy Birthday from the Minions!

Looking back on the last year, it has gone by so fast. There has been so much excitement, so many new people and places, and a ton of new experiences to learn and grow from. We’ve had a tremendous amount of support from our family and friends back home, and were lucky enough that a few have even made it out to visit and travel with us!

Samster’s Adventures has been an amazing project for me during this time, and I want to thank all of you reading and following for your support. Not only does it serve as a means to document where I’ve been and keep in touch with people back home, it has allowed me to connect with so many interesting people and learn from their experiences and tips. This was a fantastic motivation when we first moved out and I was looking for a job and for friends- it provided me with something to work on. I did have to put the blog on my back burner once I started working and between travel, visitors, and long hours I did not have the time to make this blog what I hope it will be. There are quite a few changes on the horizon though and the next year will be filled with frequent posts, more pictures and changes to layout and post structure to make information and tips easier to apply to your own adventures. Thank you again for the support, participation and for continuing to come back to read new posts.

Here’s to another year of delicious food, exciting travel and plenty of adventure!

One comment on “Happy Birthday Samster’s Adventures!

  1. Marilyn
    September 25, 2013

    Happy One Year!!!! I love reading about your adventures, looking at your pictures, and trying your recipes. I feel closer and connected to you. It makes me miss you less. Keep writing. Here’s to an amazing yers ahead!

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