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Edinburgh Highlights: The most famous pup in Edinburgh

Bobby's picture and story

The night-watchman job was once a very dangerous job in Edinburgh, specifically around the grass market. Knowing this, everyone recommended the night-watchman in this area, John Gray, get a dog for protection. And he did just that. He got himself a ferocious Skye terrier. If you think you must be picturing the wrong dog, no- you are not. He got himself a tiny little dog as his partner on shifts. But what little Bobby lacked in size, he made up for in loyalty, at least according to their story.

Bobby stayed by his master’s side until death, and even then, he is said to have stayed at his master’s grave, day and night. He sat just next to his buried master for the rest of his life. People quickly took note and took a strong liking to Bobby, already known about town. They brought him food, came to play and even bent the rules for him. Supposedly, when a law passed stating all dogs must be in at night, they made an exception for Bobby. This exception was carried out by making it so he was not a stray dog anymore, he was an honored citizen and given a key to the city.

The honorary grave

Upon his death, he could not actually be buried in the same graveyard as his master where he spent the end of his  life, but there is a gravestone in his honor just at the entrance to the gray friar graveyard. And it still has flowers as well as dog toys and bones to honor him. You can also see his statue (life-size!) just a bit outside the graveyard, in front of a pub named in his honor.

Grayfriars Bobby Bar and Statue

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