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Edinburgh Highlights- Edinburgh Castle

We got there around 10, as they only open at 9:30 and already there was a massive line. We had a half hour wait for tickets. (Tip – book in advance and skip all this). We walked in to find gorgeous views of the city and the ocean, and quite a few cannons. As with castles in Ireland, these were clearly built for war, not looking quite like the Cinderella castles of Germany. The audio guide was a great choice to provide a bit more history as you explored the very large grounds. There was a chapel, a war museum, multiple lookout points, the royal apartments and of course, the Crown Jewels. The Royal Crown, the Royal Scepter, the Royal Sword, and the Stone of Destiny were all on display. It is a long wait to see but there is a good amount of information along the way to keep you entertained. The banquet hall was a great stop as well. It was an elaborately decorated, huge room where they show you all the pieces of a knight’s outfit (making one poor tourist wear all this heavy armour). It is interesting to hear more about the battles in Scotland and the reality of a knight’s life. The beautiful castle and amazing views, as well as all the history here make the castle a must see when visiting Edinburgh.

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