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Introducing: Saucy Sundays

I’m excited to introduce a new weekly post at Samster’s Adventures- Saucy Sundays. I know this term is often referring to a different kind of saucy, namely the saucy you are after a bottomless mimosa brunch- so before you grab your champagne glass, this isn’t what Saucy Sundays are about. Sorry- I can’t get that kind of saucy every Sunday, but I can get saucy with condiments every single Sunday. (Disappointed? Don’t worry, there will be a few cocktails to come on this list).

As I pretty much view food as a vehicle to move hot sauce into my mouth, I have developed a taste for everything spicy. Some of my combinations may sound a bit crazy- but so many of the best food combos are! I will largely focus on hot sauce (simply because I eat more of it), but for the more faint of heart, I will also include a variety of other sauces- barbecue, sweet chili, etc. Look forward to lots of new foods to try with sauces, recipes to add sauce to, and reviews of some of the many varieties I’ve tried.

To kick things off, here is one of my easy, go-to snacks: Veggie Crackers with Kick

One of my favorite snacks is a whole grain cracker with cucumber and tomato, sprinkled with black pepper. Another twist I like is the addition of hot sauce.

Layer 1: Cracker
Layer 2: Hot Sauce, amount dependent on your spice tolerance
Layer 3: Thinly sliced cucumber
Layer 4: Thinly sliced tomato

Healthy enough, super tasty and substantial. Go grab a bottle of your favorite hot sauce (maybe try a new one while you’re at it) and get ready for Saucy Sundays!

3 comments on “Introducing: Saucy Sundays

  1. mysimpledelights
    April 6, 2014

    Looking forward to more saucy Sunday posts! 😊

  2. Marilyn
    April 6, 2014

    This sounds good. I will have to try it at my next party!

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