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2011-07-16_13-13-30_894I am a twenty-four year old from California who recently moved to Dublin, Ireland. I moved here with my boyfriend, Marcus, who transferred out with his company. Marcus loves to travel and has gotten me quite interested in new places and experiences. I have traveled a ton with him and though we have different ideal vacations, we’ve worked on some middle ground. I’ve gotten to love the idea of exploring and keeping busy to see all the sights when we go to any exciting city. Beach vacations, where there is less to see, are still the perfect chance for being lazy and tanning for hours. Besides traveling, my main interests are cooking, party planning and decorating.  I love hosting friends for dinner and getting to know new people over good food and wine. I love cooking fresh, healthy food and love to make meals that taste good and make you feel good. We try to eat a plant based, whole food diet with ingredients that are not heavily processed.

Here you can read about our adjustment, travels and experiences as we come to make Ireland our home (at least for the next two years).  I will also have posts focused on food and on party planning.  I have already seen that it will be a challenge eating vegan and whole foods here. It is difficult to find some of the foods and ingredients that were staples in our last house. I am also finding a challenge in decorating the place. Given that we will only be here two years, I can’t buy everything I could ever want. We’ve bought the things we need but tried to keep a low budget for making our house a home. With some creativity, we should have all the decorations we need, holidays included. We will share stories of how we are learning to work with the food we find here, how we decorate our new place and all the fun we have in it.

Have any questions? Contact me using the form below or connect with me via Twitter  (@samsterthoughts) or Facebook!

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